Meet the Board

2019–2020 Board of Directors*

  • Lauren Lindley, President and Chair of the Board
  • Michelle Wooten, President-elect
  • Tressa Penrod-Kaiser, Secretary
  • Tiffany Fan, Treasurer
  • Shannon Baldrey, Director
  • HannaLore Hein, Nominations Team Chair
  • LeAnn Mohr, President’s Advisor
  • Carey Farmer, President-elect’s Advisor

The Board of Directors oversees long-range strategic planning as well as assessing annual risk. The Management Team coordinates day-to-day operation and management of the Junior League of Boise.

Boise Management Team*

This group is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation and management of JLB.

  • Michelle Wooten, President-elect and Chair of Management Team
  • Lauren Lindley, President
  • Amanda Smith, Nominations Team Vice Chair and Management Team Liaison
  • Carey Farmer, President-elect’s Advisor

Member Impact Team

  • Talia Burnett, Chair
  • Shani Burley-Moore, Vice Chair

Operations Team

  • Lindsey Fow, Chair
  • Sara Daly, Vice Chair

Projects Team

  • Nikki Hyer, Chair
  • Sonya Kimmet and Angie Olszewski, Vice Chairs
  • Sustainer “Social Engagement” Team
  • Molly Blackaby-Harder and Kandy Weaver, Co-Chairs

Touch-A-Truck Team

  • Michele Buckley, Chair
  • Ma’Lady Kynaston, Vice Chair

*All leadership positions within the Junior League of Boise are voluntary.