Membership Levels

Membership in the Junior League of Boise offers you the ability to learn valuable leadership training through volunteerism and form lasting friendships. In order to best serve every member of the Junior League of Boise, members are asked to meet their placement obligation, pay their membership fees, and earn a designated number of participation points* each year. These membership expectations ensure the needs of every member are being met.

*Point opportunities are provided in a spreadsheet at the start of each Junior League of Boise year. Total points may be obtained from any combination of opportunities. If adequate opportunities to fulfill the minimum number of points are not provided, the scale will be adjusted at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Individuals are responsible for ensuring their points sheets are filled out appropriately. It is recommended you review this with your team chair a couple times throughout the year.

The Junior League of Boise offers 3 levels of membership: Provisional, Active, and Sustainer.


Provisionals are welcomed twice per year, and they must meet requirements during their provisional year in the JLB in order to attain Active Member status. All requirements must be completed within the provisional year, which ends each May.

Provisional Requirements and Commitments:

  • Provisional dues ($177 for Fall Class; $110 for Spring Class)
  • Attend majority of Provisional meetings
  • Points: 20 for Fall Class; 15 for Spring Class
  • Community service project
  • Training sessions about JLB
  • Professional and/or personal development events
  • Fundraising activities or events
  • Socials to get connected with other JLB members
  • Volunteering activities

Upon successful completion of your Provisional year, you will transition to an Active member.

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Active members have completed the Provisional member requirements.

Active Requirements and Commitments:

  • Annual dues ($177)
  • Attend majority of team meetings for which member is placed.
  • Points: 25 for first year; 35 for years 2–5; 25 for 6+ years
  • Committee assignment
  • Fundraising activities/events
  • Socials
  • Volunteering


Sustainer members have met all requirements to move from Active to Sustainer. There are no requirements other than to pay annual dues. Sustainers are welcome to attend all general meetings, trainings, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Annual dues ($101 for Sustainer and Non-Resident Sustainer; $0 for Sustainer Emeritus)